Monday, May 12, 2014

Audio: U.S. Foreign & Defense Policy Survey, PART 1

Future Ambassadors:
Here is the board from today.  All pics and audio available for download in class documents. . . .

Since this shot was taken I have added "Deterrence," "Armament," "Nicaragua," and "Afghanistan," which are in the SECOND image below . . . along with everything else.

Here is a more complete (i.e., crowded) version from the year before:

And here is the AUDIO to a humble 9-minute introduction to this:

Awake. . . .

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

AP Gov Ch Free Response Outline & Essay Due Monday

AP Gov Ch Free Response Outline & Essay Due Monday, April 28.

Please type and use MLA formatting.

Thank you!

Mr. Hamilton

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Last Call for 3Q Grade Adjustments

All classes,

If you see a discrepancy between the numerical grade on NetClassroom and the letter grade on your report card, please let me know immediately, as we're about to lock it and throw away the key. . . .

Mr. Hamilton

Message to AP Gov from Mr. Josefczyk

Mr. Josefczyk will be our guest speaker on Friday, April 4 for AP U.S. Government & Politics. He sends the following message.


I am very much looking forward to our time together tomorrow. To make our time together most enriching, please make sure you have reviewed the following:

None of these are heavy or cumbersome reading, but they are very good to key you into some of the arguments and messaging being tossed around.

There's the legal arguments and Hobby Lobby vs Sebelius Supreme Court case occurring, but then there is the whole other interconnected world of  political messaging, soundbites, and grassroots campaign.

Hopefully these links will serve as a introductory bridge into both worlds. 

To see the soundbite world, please check out the FB Event "Hobby Lobby Day" as well as check out the Twitter hashtags #HobbyLobbyDay and #religiousfreedomforall (on the conservative side) and #notmybossbusiness on the liberal side. 

ALSO, please listen to my 15 minute radio interview yesterday (sounds so self-serving!!!) which will help summarize and key you into the news breaking this week out of Mississippi. 

The more background you have, the more tommorrow can be a Q and A, interactive discussion rather than me lecturing (though I'm sure none of you recall that ever being an issue :) )

See you tomorrow. I'm really looking forward to it. 

Viva Reagan,